About the Young Alliance

On behalf of the Young Alliance Against Cancer we would like to thank you for your interest in our organization.

The Young Alliance Against Cancer (YAAC) is an ambitious project in development aimed at serving the young global cancer research community. We believe that cancer research has become vastly complex and dynamic. If young researchers around the globe are meant to join knowledge and capacity they need to be connected and have an understanding of the latest developments, suitable research techniques and trends in the cancer world. Our goal is to create a web-based information platform, which will concentrate important knowledge and valuable research tools to assist young researchers. Since there are thousands of young people around the globe working in the field of cancer research, we see an immediate need for a platform like the YAAC as well as a great opportunity to connect a substantial amount of researchers to one another. This service will be entirely free of charge and available to young cancer researchers.


A major interest of the Young Alliance Against Cancer is to allow cancer researchers to take part in the construction and maintenance of the platform content. Researchers are meant to communicate and exchange protocols, materials and knowledge.

Young Alliance Working Group

As part of ongoing recruiting efforts the Young Alliance Against Cancer has gathered a working group of cancer researchers that are willing to dedicate time and effort to develop the core platform content. Their collective expertise covers relevant research areas that are necessary for the construction of the online content. Furthermore, working group members will post publications that summarize new and important events in cancer research and will announce at regular intervals, relevant scientific meetings and events regarding cancer research.