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Miscellaneous › Oncology meets Industry
New tweet channel explores synergy between life sciences and industry Read More ›

Recommended reading › On open science and publication metrics
It’s no longer a pretty word… Read More ›

Recommended reading › Voices from Chernobyl
Powerful, gripping tale about the nuclear meltdow Read More ›

Interview series › A bioinformatician’s spark which lead to a new platform for sharing genomic data
Interview with Founder and CEO of DNAdigest and Repositive Fiona Nielsen Read More ›

Summary › This weeks's summary...
Summary of 2015 highlights Read More ›

Leisure & fun › The PhD Movie 2
Start the week with a smile - because life is short and PhD is tough Read More ›

Miscellaneous › Happy Birthday Young Alliance Against Cancer
On April 11th, YAAC celebrates its 5th anniversary! Read More ›

Tools&DB › Data Carpentry - The IKEA of data management
Data management for everybody Read More ›

Leisure & fun › Our top 3 most entertaining scientific publications
Something to smile about Read More ›

Recommended reading › Exercise, the immune system and cancer
Must-read paper for cancer immunology researchers Read More ›

Tools&DB › STATA for everyone
A comprehensive guide to statistics with STATA Read More ›

Interview series › Theofilos Poutahidis, D.V.M., Ph.D.
Interview with Theofilos Poutahidis, D.V.M., Ph.D. Read More ›

Recommended reading › Brain Metastases
A comprehensive literature guide to brain metastases Read More ›

Miscellaneous › RIO (Research Ideas and Outcomes) Journal
Reinventing the research journal? Read More ›

Miscellaneous › Retraction Watch
A moral compass for cancer research? Read More ›

Leisure & fun › Hilarious! How to reject the rejection of your paper
The Publication Game Read More ›

Tools&DB › Oncology Expert Advisor
Boy, I felt old today – Artificial Intelligence meets oncology Read More ›

Recommended reading › To be, or not to be…
Why many published research findings MIGHT be false Read More ›

Recommended reading › Wow, we didn't see that coming...
50g portion of processed meat eaten daily increases the risk of colorectal cancer by 18% Read More ›

Recommended reading › Fiat lux...
How to organize my digital library Read More ›

Summary › This weeks's summary...
Summary of this week's highlights Read More ›

Upcoming event › Open Access Webinar
Open Access and Early stage researchers: challenges and opportunities Read More ›

Recommended reading › FDA-approved virus therapy
Alas! Genetically modified herpes virus approved by the FDA! Read More ›

Recommended reading › Interpreting gene expression signatures
Postprandial laughter is associated with breast cancer outcome. Read More ›

Summary › This weeks's summary...
Summary of this week's highlights in one sentence Read More ›

Recommended reading › The emperor of all maladies
Read this book, even if it is the only book you’ll read this year! Read More ›

Leisure & fun › The PhD Movie
Clear your desk, call in sick and watch „The PHD movie“ (because life is short and PhD is tough) Read More ›

Interview series › Claudia Petritsch, Ph.D
Interview with Claudia Petritsch, Ph.D Read More ›

Interview series › Angelika Riemer, M.D., Ph.D.
Interview with Angelika Riemer, M.D., Ph.D. Read More ›

Interview series › Stefan Pfister, M.D.
Interview with Stefan Pfister, M.D. Read More ›

Tools&DB › Reproducibility Initiative
You could be next – Reproducibility Initiative shows most landmark experiments cannot be reproduced Read More ›

Tools&DB › CBioVikings
Biowho? CBioVikings teach you basic statistics and data management! Read More ›

Tools&DB › Open Access Button
Push this button if you hit a pay wall!!! Read More ›

I have a dream that one day genomic data bases will be easy to use. By the way - REPOSITIVE already did it... Read More ›

Miscellaneous › On open access
Why I didn’t like open access Read More ›

Recommended reading › Immune checkpoint blockade
Worthy of a Nobel Prize? Read More ›

Tools&DB › Data management tools
Sounds boring – but it can save your life (i.e. your grant) one day – A data management plan tool Read More ›

Tools&DB › Coursera
R for everyone! Read More ›