Recommended reading

The emperor of all maladies

Read this book, even if it is the only book you’ll read this year!

By Despina Trouli

Hippocrates used the term “karkinos” to describe a tumor - the exact translations of “karkinos” is “crab“. Supposedly, a tumor reminded him of the hard shell of a crab, of its painful biting or of something that refuses to let go.

Lesson1: If you are on vacation and a crab bites you, don’t panic. Put your hand under hot water. The crab will eventually let go, because it won’t be able to breathe.

Lesson2: Go back to the roots. Please read Pulitzer prize-winning “The Emperor of all Maladies – a biography of cancer” (even if it is the only book you’ll read this year). It will blow your mind and cancer research will never be the same…

PS: Emperor of all maladies was also aired as a PBS series in 2015!

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