I have a dream that one day genomic data bases will be easy to use. By the way - REPOSITIVE already did it...

By Benito Campos

Frustrated because it took you ages to locate the omics data sets you wanted, only to find out that they were in a different format and it would take you months to access them? Well, Fiona Nielsen shared your frustration and went a step further. Together with Adrian Alexa and a group of bright co-workers she set up REPOSITIVE, which you can now beta test here. REPOSITIVE will help you to find the data you need in a lifetime by combining all kinds of different repositories and helping you to access the data. REPOSITIVE will make data collaborations much, much easier. REPOSITIVE’s core philosophy? “Re-posi-tive – Noun. To have a positive experience when using data bases for your work.” Only one question remaining then: How comes it took so long until someone come up with this great idea? Oh, and if this wasn’t good enough, Fiona is hiring right now!

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