Happy Birthday Young Alliance Against Cancer

On April 11th, YAAC celebrates its 5th anniversary!

By Benito Campos & Lars Olsen

Like many good stories this one started five years ago over beers in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The Young Alliance Against Cancer was founded on the core belief that as scientists and clinicians, a great societal responsibility is bestowed upon us. Not only in seeking to improve the lives of those affected by cancer, but also to educate and inform each other and the public through clear and concise dissemination of knowledge. However, great challenges face today’s scientists. Oncology is an increasingly interdisciplinary science, where clinicians, biologists, statisticians, and computational biologists are interacting to study the complex nature of cancer. Navigating and fully understanding this interdisciplinary environment is a daunting task that overwhelms many young researchers schooled as specialists. To ameliorate these challenges we are forming a society in which young researchers are incentivized to exchange ideas, knowledge, and experience across geographical as well as scientific borders.
Thank you for supporting our mission!