Data Carpentry - The IKEA of data management

Data management for everybody

By Obada Alhalabi

Unless you are Chuck Norris or a computer guru, managing huge data files on your computer will be challenging. Rookies beware, there is light at the end of the tunnel! The Data Carpentry Organisation has built a non-profit platform aimed at providing free, user-friendly and domain-specific teaching on how to deal with computational data processing. Just have a look at their genomics workshop! Would you prefer attending one of their workshops in the USA, India, Finland or Australia? You and your institute can even host a Data Carpentry workshop - have a look here! If you happen to be a more seasoned data manager and would like to share your knowledge, you have the option to engage with users on the Data Carpentry forum or even get involved as an instructor . You might also want to save the link to their blog to stay updated. Have a good time at the Data Carpentry!