RIO (Research Ideas and Outcomes) Journal

Reinventing the research journal?

By Obada Alhalabi

Definitely worth a look: the open-source online RIO (Research Ideas and Outcomes) Journal aims at revolutionizing the way we consider research output as such! Ideas, proposals, methods, results and reports are all worth publishing as explained in the introductory video. The entire output of an idea can be combined into a so-called RIO collection, tracking down all aspects of the ‘research cycle’.

RIO offers a user-friendly search engine for browsing articles and an interactive viewing tool, which displays article stats. In addition, authors and co-authors can be easily viewed and interacted with. RIO even allows submitting reviews on articles. Altogether, RIO Journal seems to have come up with a pretty transparent and innovative instrument. Here is their very first editorial.

And there is more! With a ‘next-generation’ pensoft writing tool called Arpha, all users are enabled to work together on manuscripts, invite external contributors and even list them as co-authors. It also enables pre-submission and post-publication peer-reviews. More features can be found here and here. This single collaborative platform ensures a fast and inexpensive publishing process. Have a look at their blog.

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